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Reveal Incredible Physical Predictions!

From the mind of creator Moustapha Berjaoui of Illusionary, Glyphs is a truly powerful effect that delivers prediction after prediction at your fingertips. 

What Is Glyphs? And What Can You Do With It?

Glyphs is a system, an “iOS App and a tiny thermal printer”
You can do so many things! Here are just some of the ideas you can do with it.

  • A word or a number printed on a piece of paper in any font or style you want, it could be your own handwriting font if you want
  • A crumpled receipt from your pocket with any price, or the auth number, or the time, or anything you want.
  • A genuine folded lottery paper with any numbers printed on it
  • A drawing on a piece of paper that matches what the spectator is thinking of
  •  and much much more

What Makes Glyphs Unique?

Small in Size

Device dimensions is about 7.5cm x 4.5cm x 3cm. Which makes it the smallest system in the market.
You can hide Glyphs anywhere you want. Place it in your jeans pocket, inside your jacket, in a box, or hide it in any creative place.

Excellent Battery Capacity And Standby

Battery capacity is 1000mAh, you can print ~100 Thermal Prints per charge, and has a 24 Hour Standby

Numerous Input Modes

Glyphs has so many original and interesting modes here are just some of them:

  • Notes mode Glyphs notes looks identical to the native notes app. Anything you input can be printed easily.
  • Observing mode You can print out any image that goes directly to the phone gallery automatically.
  • Keyboard mode using your favorite bluetooth keyboard remote you can send data covertly.
  • API mode Glyphs fetches data instantly from your favorite app and prints it out while running in the background.
  • URL Scheme mode it works similar to the API as in fetching data from other apps but it doesn’t rely on internet.

We are adding more modes soon!

Extensive App Integration

Many developers & creators already integrated Glyphs in their apps with URL Scheme & or with API.
Other developers are working on adding Glyphs to their apps, Some of those apps that are ready working includes:

  • TAP (The Architect of Predictions)
  • iThump/Toxic+
  • RainMan Pro
  • The Stranger
  • ThoughtCast
  • PeekSmith
  • TimeSmith
  • DiceSmith
  • WikiTest
  • Earworm
  • Cognito
  • MOMO
  • Maxim
  • Flitch
  • Inject
  • Elips
  • Now

What's Included In The Single Unit System?

  • A Protective case
  • Glyphs Device
  • Micro USB Charger
  • The iOS App
  • App installation guide
  • Paper for your predictions
  • Bonus yellow Notey pad
  • Private Facebook group
  • A personal consultation
  • Instructional videos & Manual
  • 1 year warranty

*Please Note: Minimum Requirement For Glyphs App Is iOS 15. Not available on the Android platform.*


"An incredible system. Moustapha has created something great and it’s so well thought through."


"Glyphs is smart AND powerful. Moustapha has considered the technology and performance. The combination makes this a winner for any act."


"Glyphs is that rare thing: an app that doesn’t have 250 settings, that works every time and still maintains versatility and quality. I was using it within hours and have only seen a fraction of its true potential. It’s brilliant."



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